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The iconic symbol of lightning that is usually associated with Zeus, the Father of all Gods, has become a fashion statement! We’ve embroidered this asymmetrical lightning design on the side of the shoes. Relaxed, casual yet totally fashionable and cool, BLACK FLASH B1 is the perfect fashion accessory for your laidback look and the one item that cannot be missed!!!

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Outer layer : High quality fine cow leather that is breathable, sustainable, endurance, the finest quality of leather

Inlayer : Comfort pigskin leather that is breathable and has efficient deodorization

SIZE:35 / 36 / 37 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42 / 43 / 44 / 45

STACIE CHEN閃電天使這個品牌的誕生,來自Stacie的時尚著作「ZFASHION平價時尚力」slogan“時尚零距離” 與「SNAP BIBLE時尚街拍聖經」的口號”時尚就是做自己”,強調擁有個人風格就是時尚力的表現,為了讓大家更容易找到自己的風格,2016StacieZ代表zero 與力東西方文字意涵結合的符號,以及其對David Bowie勇敢做自己的致敬,延伸出這個象徵著正能量與自由的閃電天使logo,並透過「理性消費,友善地球」的簡法時尚概念,希望大家在追求時尚追求美的同時,也能關心環保。Stacie認為時尚是美好生活的體現,而愛是一切能量的來源,閃電、翅膀與愛心都是表達嚮往美好的初衷,對Stacie而言,閃電天使不只是一個品牌,它更是一個對生活對生命充滿熱情的態度。 

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Styles Casual

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